Blind weightlifting champ portrayed as ‘drunk’ by the ABC

Blind weightlifting champ portrayed as ‘drunk’ by the ABC

How desperate is our nanny state industry to ignore facts in its quest for greater regulation?

This desperate:

Footage of Chamoun stumbling appears following a quote from NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas about the impact of alcohol-related violence on emergency services.

“An enormous amount of effort and anguish is expended on people who have simply got themselves in such a drunken state that emergency services have to become involved to look after them or patch up the mess that they leave,” Mr Kaldas said.

The problem?

Malek Chamoun is legally blind and was walking with a cane.

In fact, so desperate was the ABC to use this footage that Mr Chamoun was holding his cane, but the ABC decided to edit it out of the video.

Stay classy ABC!

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