Denmark to Repeal Tax on Soda and Beer

Denmark to Repeal Tax on Soda and Beer

Last year we reported that Denmark had scrapped their “fat tax”.

Now, in a further blow to bully-state paternalist, the Danish government has agreed to repeal the “soda tax” and cut the beer tax by 15%:

The Danish government is abandoning a beverage tax that it says is costing the country millions of euros as consumers cross the border to shop in Germany instead.

The tax on soft drinks is to be halved by July and completely abolished by next year, making a 1.5-liter bottle of soda three kroner (€0.40) cheaper in the end. The lesser tax on beer is to be cut by 15 percent by July.

Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon told public broadcaster DR on Monday that the tax’s repeal, which has broad support in parliament, would provide a “powerful growth spurt” to the Danish economy…

The soda tax repeal is part of a broader plan by the center-left government of Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to make the Danish economy more competitive. She also plans to cut local business tax and tax credits for apartment and home renovations, coupled with reductions in spending on social welfare and state aid to university students

Hopefully the Australian government sees the international evidence of the total and utter failure of these lifestyle taxes… but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. […] a fat tax on the people. Denmark got rid of their world-first fat tax after just one year – then scrapped their soda tax and cut their beer tax. No wonder, when their experience was like this: It raised food prices, hit the poorest the hardest […]

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