Tell the QLD Govt: No Curfew!




The limitation in number… of beer and spirit houses, for express purposes of rendering them more difficult to access… not only exposes all to an inconvenience, because there are some by whom the facility would be abused, but is suited only to a state of society in which the labouring classes are avowedly treated as children…”
– JS Mill writing in 1859

The Queensland government is considering a proposal to impose a 1am lockout and 3am curfew on law abiding responsible drinkers.

Help us fight for our right to party and tell the Queensland government: NO!

FACT: When the United Kingdom abolished their curfew, alcohol related violence PLUMMETED in the first year

FACT: When the United Kingdom abolished their curfew, road accidents involving young adults fell 33% saving hundreds of lives

FACT: The vast majority of ambulance calls for alcohol related violence in Queensland occur before 3am. A 3am curfew will do NOTHING to address this.

FACT: A report by the Queensland Government found that harm minimisation activities – and NOT restricting trading hours – is what will reduce alcohol-related violence

FACT: The Queensland government needs to focus on criminals – and NOT punish law abiding responsible drinkers

Take action and contact the Queensland Government today to say: NO CURFEW!

For more information, check out the Official No Curfew websiteFacebook , Instagram and Twitter and remember: if you make any posts when having a drink, tag the account in and use the hashtags #NoCurfew and #QLDpol!

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