NSW to outlaw hopscotch

NSW to outlaw hopscotch

The New South Wales Government, having apparently succeeded in solving our road congestion, public transport nightmare, hospital shortages and crime spree in south Western Sydney, has decided to turn its attention to the real scourge in our community: hopscotch.

Under new anti-grafiti laws currently before the parliament, temporary chalk hopscotch squares of handball courts drawn on footpaths or bitumen would be illegal without council approval.  Without council approval, children will be acing a $440 fine.

While Attorney General Greg Smith has acknowledged that drawing in chalk will be an offence, he has stated that he “considers it unlikely they would charge children for chalking up hopscotch squares” . 

Because, apparently, one thing we all know is that if we give a power to petty council bureaucrat, it would never, ever be abused…


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4 thoughts on “NSW to outlaw hopscotch

  1. grannie annie

    Don’t kid yourself. You only need one over zealous council ranger, and the money will roll in. Whoever thought this one up would have to be an overweight bureaucrat who hates kids.

  2. Dii Dunlop

    When are these people going to get real!? In fact how do they get there in the first p,ace?

  3. Joan Davidson

    More over zealous public servants anxious to make it appear that they are actually doing something!! Talk about the ‘Nanny State” – my blood boils. One of the most joyous things about childhood is actually being able to behave like a child – and sometimes that means drawing on the footpath – oh!! shock!! horror!! How could this possibly be offensive to even these little “Hitlers’?

  4. Jen

    and we call ourselves a demoracy, it is looking more like old fashioned communism with every stupid new law they can think of.

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