Soft drink sugar tax is a fizzer

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

My kingdom for an iced mocha latte with a shot of cinnamon and pumpkin spice!

The Greens – the party of big government and little logic – have announced that this election they’ll be serving up a 20% tax on sugary soft drinks.

It looks an awful lot like they’re taking orders from celebrity busy-body Jamie Oliver, who was recently in Australia pushing his sugar tax.

We wonder if di Natale can afford untaxed soft drink, given his struggles to pay his au pairs what he considers a fair wage.

Matthew Lesh, a Research Fellow at the IPA, had this to say:

an investigation of a 20 per cent sugary drink tax by the Obesity Policy Coalition earlier this year found that the tax would raise $10 billion over 25 years, and save just $480 million in government expenditure over the same period. This makes it far more of a tax grab than a way to compensate for government service delivery costs.

You can read the full article over at the Spectator.

We share David Leyonhjelm’s thoughts on Jamie Oliver – he’s better off staying in the kitchen.

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