Media Release: Senator Speaks Sense on Smoking!



Senator Speaks Sense On Smoking

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Taxpayer advocates today praised Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democratic Party) for revealing the inconvenient truth about tobacco taxes and for bravely saying “thank you for smoking.”

Senator Leyonhjelm today debunked the myth that smokers are a drain on the public health system, illuminating a yearly tobacco tax haul nearly 17 times larger than the cost of smoking-related illness and fires combined.

“Australia has as many smokers as trade union members, but I can’t think of the last time someone stood up for smokers in the Federal Parliament” said Lara Jeffery, Director of MyChoice Australia, an activist group dedicated to individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and winding back the nanny state.

“We all have the right to control our bodies and our purchases, even if other people disagree with our choices. Thank you David for defending the rights of all, not just the privileged and connected” concluded Ms Jeffery.

“We commend Senator Leyonhjelm  for drawing attention to the simple fact that smokers pay close to twenty times in taxation their net healthcare costs” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Australia’s largest taxpayer advocacy organisation.

“The research is clear – lifestyle taxes are the most regressive of any taxes, punishing those who can afford it least and Australia is set to have the highest tobacco prices in the world.

“The continued use of concocted and thoroughly discredited “social cost” figures to justify increased taxation shows the ethical bankruptcy of politicians addicted to tax and spend policies.

“Continued efforts to gouge smokers to pay for wasteful overspending is morally unacceptable.   We agree entirely with Senator Leyonhjelm: Instead of trying to squeeze more money out of smokers, our politicians should quit their own filthy habit – spending other people’s money.”

Neither the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance nor MyChoice Australia receive any funding from the tobacco industry.

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