Nanny Statists Want Fourfold Increase In Wine Prices

Nanny Statists Want Fourfold Increase In Wine Prices

The Australian Anti-Liberty National Preventative Health Agency has today decided to attack both freedom and lower income earners by deciding that the price of cheap wine should be increased four times:

A government inquiry has been told wine is cheaper than bottled water and raising the price is the best way to fight the 32,600 deaths and 813,000 hospital visits caused by alcohol each year.

The Australian National Preventive Health Agency has been asked by the Government to model a floor price on alcohol.

It has received submissions from health and consumer groups supporting a plan to make consumers pay at least $1.30 a standard drink – 100ml of 11 per cent alcohol wine.

Under such a system, the cheapest 750ml bottle would be $9.75, and the cheapest four-litre cask would be $52.

The National Preventative Health Agency, which continues to rely on thoroughly-debunked quasi-studies on the ‘social cost of alcohol’   and thoroughly ignores the overwhelming evidence of the absolute, total, and utter failure of the “alcopops” tax, is nothing more than a taxpayer funded excuse for nanny-statist busy bodies to impose their personal preferences on the rest of society – without a shred of evidence for their efficacy, or a care in the world for concepts of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Your tax dollars at work.

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