Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject smoking ban

Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject smoking ban

The BBC reports that Swiss voters have overwhelmingly endorsed private property rights and rejected the nanny state by voting against an absolute smoking ban:

In some cantons, more than 70% of voters rejected the ban, according to Geneva newspaper La Tribune de Geneve. Geneva itself bucked the trend by supporting the ban by 52% to 48%.,,

The result was welcomed by the Swiss Business Federation which called it “heartening”.

“The initiative would have imposed more costs on restaurateurs who have already made considerable investments to protect non-smokers,” it said in a statement…

La Tribune de Geneve suggests voters rejected a full ban because they did not want to force the smaller cantons into changing their local laws, and because of resentment at perceived state interference in people’s lives.

Voters did not want the state interfering in people’s lives! My, what a quaint concept!

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One thought on “Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject smoking ban

  1. It’s time for Australian smokers to make a stand. The issue of plain packaging presents a unique opportunity, where these “plain packs” will roll onto the shelves in the next few months. With most other anti-tobacco measures, those who smoke have had essentially no recourse but to sit and absorb all the trash that’s been tossed at them, from ever-increasing extortionate taxes to ever-widening smoking bans. The medical pornography on packs to date has been on the margins of tolerable.

    These new packs are something different altogether. They are way, way overboard. The entire pack is essentially draped with some diseased organ, for example. And those who smoke are expected to carry these packs around as billboards for antismoking derangement and as instruments of further denormalization. But the sickly situation provides an opportunity for smokers to voice their protest, hopefully collectively – en masse. They can easily throw a massive spanner into the delusional plan. There are cigarette cases and brightly-coloured, plastic cigarette boxes that can be purchased inexpensively. The medical porn disappears. In one step, the twisted intent of the fanatics is rendered impotent. Imagine seeing brightly-coloured cigarette boxes all over the place – in hands, on café tables, etc. It would send a clear, in-your-face message to the fanatics – and politicians – that enough is enough. And the zealots would probably deteriorate into some explosion of histrionics, one of their “I didn’t get my way” tantrums – GOOD!

    So, if there should be Australians reading this blog – make a stand. Go purchase a cigarette case/box and send a clear message to the Public Health miscreants; indicate that these extremist antismoking measures born of disturbed minds are deserving only of contempt.

    (BTW I’m not affiliated in any way with the sale of cig cases/boxes).

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