Tasmania Considers Smoking Prohibition

Tasmania Considers Smoking Prohibition

ABC News reports that the Tasmanian Government is considering implementing the Fabian Society’s proposal to ban tobacco sales to anyone born after 2000:

Legislative Council member Ivan Dean wants to make it illegal for people born after 2000 to buy tobacco once they turn 18 – meaning they would never legally be able to buy cigarettes.

The proposal was passed unanimously by the Upper House on Tuesday night.

As Christopher Snowdon notes:

As with Ireland’s smoking ban and Australia’s plain packaging law, the real motivation is for undistinguished politicians and lobbyists to make a name for themselves by being “exciting” and bullying a minority in the knowledge that their only financed opposition is a demonised industry.

Nowhere in this article is there any suggestion that grown adults—now or in the future—might have the right to buy and smoke tobacco if they want to. It’s a sort of “think of the children even when they are no longer children” argument, which is fitting since Australian politicians clearly see the whole population as children and themselves as—what other word can there be?—nannies.

We used to be a country which cared about things like “freedom” and “liberty” and “choice”. But that was a long, long time ago it seems…

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One thought on “Tasmania Considers Smoking Prohibition

  1. Les Beggs

    I normally am totally in favour of your group, however on this one I must disagree, if they had done this in the beginning rather than raid the pocket of every law abiding smoker and turn us all into pariahs, a lot less people would be smoking now and we may not have had the draconian laws that exist that make a smoker feel like an outcast in his own country. It’s weird but it is now more acceptable to be a heroin addict than it is to be a smoker, for example needle vending machines in hospital grounds, a place where it is now totally illegal to light a cigarette

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