Fat Tax Costs Before It’s Law

Fat Tax Costs Before It’s Law

How much fat would a fat tax tax if a fat tax could tax fat? That’s the half a million dollar question – and you’re paying to find out.

The public health tsars of the Australian National Preventative Health Agency are at it again, this time trying to solve the country’s most pressing crisis: cheap, delicious food.

Public-spirited as they are, ANPHA thinks we should share the burden of cheap food equitably – and what better way, they think, than with the across-the-board hike in the cost of living?

Better known as a fat tax, of course.

What could be worse than letting people decide what they want to eat?

If you’re already losing your appetite, you may want to sit down.

The three-year project – costing $463,442 – is considering ‘the cost-effectiveness and consumer acceptability of taxation strategies to reduce rates of overweight and obesity amongst children in Australia.

That’s almost half a million taxpayer dollars sunk into finding out how to increase the cost of living, how much more money the government can siphon off, and whether Australians will lie down and let them do it.

We already know what happens when the nanny state forces a fat tax on the people. Denmark got rid of their world-first fat tax after just one year – then scrapped their soda tax and cut their beer tax. No wonder, when their experience was like this:

It raised food prices, hit the poorest the hardest and failed to bring about any measurable public health benefit – a shocking policy trifecta that no sensible government would want to emulate,

The evidence is in, but as long as They Know What’s Best, the fat tax will keep reappearing and the nanny state will keep doling out your money.


Lara Jeffery is the Communications Director of MyChoice Australia.

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