How to Use Public Health to Control Everything

How to Use Public Health to Control Everything

Via our good friend Dr Julie Novak at the IPA, this piece from Laissez Faire Club on How to Use Public Health to Control Everything  is a must read:

Some extracts:

And here is the rabbit in the hat: social justice. “Social justice,” writes Bernard Turnock, “is the foundation of public health.” Since social justice is a subjective notion, somebody has to decide what it is and what it requires. So public health experts naturally want to assume the role of the philosopher-king. In Plato’s utopia, the philosopher-king rules paternalistically and tyrannically over the ignorant multitude.

Hated minorities change with time. They are always hated for the good of the whole and thus for very good reasons. Imposing the public health utopia requires controlling bad lifestyles, which change with time and with the preferences of the rulers of the day. Today, hated minorities include drug and tobacco consumers, rednecks or “white trash,” disobedient youths, self-reliant types, unconventional entrepreneurs, contrarian hedonists, and other groups targeted by paper crimes… 

During the last few decades, all over the world, public health has been much influenced by false ideas originating from busybodies in American academic and government circles. As usual, the rest of the world imported everything that’s bad from America, and nothing that’s good

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