Nanny State Holding Australia Back

Nanny State Holding Australia Back

Australians are paying more than the rest of the world for just about everything, thanks to nanny state lifestyle taxes.

A recent survey from Deutsche Bank shows just how bad things have become: Australia is already being left behind, with one of the highest costs of living and holidaying in the world.

Australians know this all too well – the costs of housing, electricity, water, health, education, having fun, and everything in between are rising steeply and have been for a decade – with too may Australians left struggling to make ends meet.

The federal Labor government is already blaming the strong dollar for their $7.5 billion budget black hole, but what are they doing about making life less expensive for Australians?

Worse than nothing – in fact, nanny state lifestyle taxes make Australian products cheaper in other countries than at home, as The Age reports today:

In the past 11 years Australia has become one of the most expensive places to live, costlier than New York, London, Frankfurt and Singapore on everything from five-star hotels, car rentals, public transport, a pint of beer, cigarettes, jeans and an iPhone.

Comparing the prices of a 25 pack of Marlboro cigarettes, Australia is the most expensive, with a price tag of $US17.22, compared with $US2.29 a pack in India, $US2.84 in China, $US3.51 in South Africa, $US1.10 in the Philippines and $US1.39 in Jakarta. … [M]ost of the price difference can be attributed to taxes.

Another product that captures high taxes is beer. Again, Australia ranks as one of the highest priced countries when it comes to beer, with an average pint costing $US8.20, compared with $US2.03 in Brazil, $US4.55 in Britain and $6 in the US.

Petrol is also relatively expensive in Australia, with a litre 71 per cent more expensive in Australia than in the US and 41 per cent more expensive than in China.

According to the survey, Sydney remains the most expensive place for a weekend away, almost double the cost of a weekend holiday in New York.

Meanwhile, the nanny state milks at least $13 billion of lifestyle tax revenue out of the poorest Australians, and we’re all being crushed with the cost.

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  1. johhny 99

    Dont need a criminal record these days to get in Australia,once your in the Nanny state will go out of its way to get ya one.26 years driving overseas, never stopped by police, approx 2 months of driving here, 1 speeding fine $255 and breathalysed, I dont drink by the way. turn to crime to pay the fine. hubba hubba.

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