Nanny Statists Advocating North Korean Starvation Diet

Nanny Statists Advocating North Korean Starvation Diet

Thousands are dying of starvation in the criminal North Korean regime. A third of children are so malnourished they have stunted growth.  People are so desperate for food that they are resorting to canibalism.

This is the regime that our insane leftist nanny statists want to emulate.

Gareth Morgan is one of New Zealand’s leading advocates for a so-called “fat tax”.

Fresh from a visit to North Korea, this is what he had to say:

He’s barely off the plane after a 40,000-kilometre ride across Russia and Korea. Controversy trailed after him like his billowing motorcycle exhaust, with critics accusing him of becoming a propaganda pawn on his six-year-in-the-planning tour of North Korea.

But he’s still gushing about the experience, and how he lost 6kg in the absence of the processed food – “crap basically” – that dominates the New Zealand food supply. That and the fact there was less food in general, and the wine was terrible.

There it’s all whole food, that fills you up, takes longer to eat and delivers more nutrients for less energy.

And there, in a nutshell, is the thrust of Morgan’s new book, Appetite for Destruction, co-written with offsider Geoff Simmons. Fake food, he says, is killing us.

 That’s right. Nanny statists are now no longer content with advocating plain packaging for food, or even food-rationing.  They actually want us to emulate North Korea’s starvation diet.
These people truly are mad…

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2 thoughts on “Nanny Statists Advocating North Korean Starvation Diet

  1. This article seems really alarmist and over the top as opposed to logical and objective… seems really ridiculous to equate a tax on processed food to starving groups of people.
    To me there aren’t any appealing arguments in this article and if you want to circle-jerk and preach to the converted that’s fine but as someone who could be swayed either way this article just makes me recoil.

    1. admin_ata

      He went to North Korea (where people were starving) and was “gushing” with praise.
      He made the comparison, not us!

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