Till, junk food due to part?

Till, junk food due to part?

Ban sweets at the till. Restrict food advertising. Enforce food and drink policies in schools. Regulate sugary drinks. Subsidise “healthy” food providers.

Have you ever noticed how all “anti-obesity regulations” are all focused on the food?

Personally, I don’t think it’s the double cheeseburger and fries I’m going to have for lunch that would contribute to gaining weight so much as the busy afternoon of “sitting at my computer” that I have planned.

Doesn’t that sound like an experience the bureaucrat-Mecca of Canberra should be all too familiar with?

Apparently it is – but don’t worry! The ACT’s Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has a fresh, new, enlightened approach that consists of all the things I listed in the first sentence.

Ms Gallagher is so forward-thinking that she has managed to think right past the minor issue of exercise:

It’s not just a matter of taking kids out and running around the oval. It’s about planning, how you plan your environment; it’s about the transport system; it’s the school system.

So not only is the problem not-exercise, the problem is environment, transport, and education, which we can solve by restricting how, where, why, when and by whom food is eaten?

Then we can look forward to a Canberra that’s more expensive, less efficient, and less active than anywhere else in the country.

Oh, wait…


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