Barry resigns – but what about his lockouts?


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Today’s announced resignation of Barry O’Farrell, NSW Premier and lead architect of these media-driven, evidence ignoring poor excuses for policy, is exciting for us all! This is an excellent chance for the state of New South Wales to painlessly repeal this harmful policy. We fully encourage whoever the new Premier is to do so!

To push the point, we’ve asked our supporters to join in the fun by sending in memes commemorating this momentous occasion. You can find them below. Please, enjoy! (and if you think of a new one, send it to us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or in the comments!).





















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3 thoughts on “Barry resigns – but what about his lockouts?

  1. Laurel

    Barry O’Farrell is a good man – we here in NSW need him!

    1. BOF squandered his unbelievable majority on kowtowing to special interests at the expense of our liberty and economy. Baird has been a strong voice for reform. This looks like a jump straight out of the frying pan minus the fire.

  2. Gordon of Unley

    I drank to forget.

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