Nanny Statists Force WA Opera To Cancels Bizet’s Carmen


The multi-million dollar nanny state  industry has just scored its latest victory!

This time, they have been able to take down the evil scourge that is … opera!

That’s right, no longer content with gouging Australians with the highest tobacco taxes in the world and calling for food rationing taxpayer funded nanny statists have now decided to take on Opera, forcing a cancellation of the Bizet’s classic Carmen.

WA Today reports that:

A sponsorship agreement between WA Opera and Healthway has seen plans scrapped to perform a show where the main character works in a tobacco factory…Healthway is a state government body that seeks to promote  and support healthy lifestyles.

Healthway chairperson Rosanna Capolingua told Radio 6PR she was impressed at WA Opera’s decision to replace Carmen.

She said WA Opera had “concerns about glamourising cigarettes and smoking”.

“You really have to congratulate them,” Ms Capolingua said.

Because  clearly, opera buffs are all easily impressionable teens, who, obsessed with appearing cool and trendy, and seduced by the glamour of Carmen (who, by the way, dies), will rush out straight from the performance off to the nearest tobacconist.

This is not the onion – this insanity is actually real, and funded by our taxes. We have already witnessed the airbrushing of historical photographs – what next?

Make no mistake: this isn’t about health, it’s about a pathological obsession.

Healthway received over $20 million in taxpayer funding last year from a State Government that regularly cries poor and calls for tax hikes.

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