For the fans of schadenfreude


We are very happy to report that a Brexit-ed Britain won’t submit to the EU nanny state.

Our inbox is full of howling public heath groups, all a-twitter after learning that new PM Theresa May isn’t going to pander to their endless grant-seeking.

We are almost as happy to report that sugar tax campaigner and general food busy-body Jamie Oliver is very, very unhappy about this turn of events.

Jamie has kindly put together an infographic of all the ways in which Britain’s new obesity strategy ignores his desire to force his policy prescriptions on everyone:





























He’s a big fan of force, that Jamie. And doublespeak, too. Notice how Jamie’s policies “empower” parents to submit their children to mandatory development assessments? Isn’t it interesting that Jamie’s proposed “traffic light labelling” system would obscure or override actual ingredient information in favour of state-backed analysis.

The change in strategic direction is a big win for a free people with the right and responsibility to eat as they think is best.

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