Coming Soon: Plain Packaging For Fast Food & “Regulated Portion Sizes”.

Coming Soon: Plain Packaging For Fast Food & “Regulated Portion Sizes”.

Well, that was fast!

Straight from their imposition of plain-packaging for tobacco products, our taxpayer-funded anti-freedom paternalistic nanny state advocates have abandoned any pretense that it was ever about tobacco, and have begun to call for plain packaging for fast food.

In today’s taxpayer-funded The Conversation appeared this article: “Plain packaging for junk food? Health experts call for govt intervention”.

According to Bebe Loff, the taxpayer-funded director of the Michael Kirby Centre for Public Health and Human Rights at Monash University, the problem is that it “took 60 years, and a decision by the government to ignore its own guidelines for regulating, to see the plain packaging crackdown on the tobacco industry” and we just can’t wait that long for fast food! We need to act now! We need plain packaging so that we are not “encouraged every time we turn around when walking through a supermarket, and being bombarded with all sorts of imaginative marketing techniques.” Because Australians are stupid! We need the government to tell us how to act and think!

Plain packaging for food isn’t the only thing endorsed by our taxpayer funded nanny state industry. In the same article are calls for “regulated portion sizes”. That’s right, we need a government to tell you exactly how much you are allowed to eat. I’m surprised ration cards weren’t proposed in this article. At this rate though, they’ll probably be seriously promoted in a few months…

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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Plain Packaging For Fast Food & “Regulated Portion Sizes”.

  1. Snowtiger

    Can we please have the amount of time that we are subjected to these legislative fools in the media rationed too?

  2. The smokes packaging laws weren’t about nanny state issues:

    Smoking is slow suicide, smokers are killing themselves

    Smoking drains money from health budget that should be spent on people who did nothing to deserve their illness, like my son, who has type 1 diabetes

    Passive smoking is proven to kill innocent people, so smokers are murderers

    Big tobacco are obviously paying your bills.

    1. admin_ata

      Firstly, we receive no funding from the tobacco industry whatsoever.
      Secondly, smokers are a net positive to the budget as the high tax level on tobacco is significantly higher than assorted health care costs.
      Also, to say that “passive smoking is proven to kill innocent people, so smokers are murderers” is not just factually wrong, but grossly offensive, and demonstrates that you are not interested in reasoned debate (otherwise you would have responded to the points raised) but simply have a moral crusade and personal agenda.

    2. Thought Police

      Really?! Apart from the billions of tax us smokers pay each year you want to be as ignorant to blame smokers for your child’s diabetes being a smokers problem? There is still NO PROOF that smoking WILL CAUSE CANCER. Have you or the other anti smokers taken into account that your exhaust pipe along with the rest of the millions of other cars are emitting far more carcinogenic fumes than a cigarette? Instead of taxing carbon we should tax carcinogenic output, or perhaps the smokers who are paying this exorbitant tax on tobacco should be allowed to drive their cars without annual registration fees and elevate non smoker registration fees as done for life insurance. Sound fair? No? Double standards indeed.

  3. kyri

    I am an ex smoker.The interesting thing is that I am an expat Australian who gave up in a country where it is dirt cheap to smoke and smoking is allowed in all areas of recreation.I gave up in my own time but my feelings are that being in a place that tells me what I should be doing in this regard would have had me continuing smoking.

    So,although I miss my country of birth sometimes, after reading the above, I am content to be somewhere where the government and the moralists, who probably have their own weaknesses, are back in Nannyralia.

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