Plain Packaging For Food: Coming Sooner Than You Think

Plain Packaging For Food: Coming Sooner Than You Think

When plain packaging for tobacco was introduced in Australia, we pointed out this would soon lead to calls for plain packaging for alcohol, for food, etc.

This claim was ridiculed by Australia’s Chief Bully-Statist, sociologist Simon Chapman:

Look, if the slope is slippery, it’s the most unslippery slippery dip I’ve ever seen in my life.

The “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false.

The slippery slope metaphor was given its biggest ever workout

Of course, the calls soon started. Late last year, the taxpayer funded The Conversation website published an article by Bebe Loff, the taxpayer-funded director of the Michael Kirby Centre for Public Health and Human Rights at Monash University arguing that “We need plain packaging so that we are not “encouraged every time we turn around when walking through a supermarket, and being bombarded with all sorts of imaginative marketing techniques.”

Now, we see the next phase of this campaign – how plain packaging is a “human right”.

That’s right, in the perverted world of bully-statists, it is now a fundamental human right that… the government ban food packaging.

Professor Kerryn Phelps is one of Australia’s most prominent public commentators. She was the President of the Australian Medical Association, and has received the Order of Australia for her work.

This is what she had to say on Twitter last night:

This is not the words of a fringe element of the radical left. This is a call being made by a supposedly mainstream academic and public commentator.

That slippery slope is looking pretty slippery after all…

h/t Freedomwatch 

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7 thoughts on “Plain Packaging For Food: Coming Sooner Than You Think

  1. jack austin

    You can’t plain package food. I am a vegetarian and need to read all ingredients in detail so I don’t poison myself. It is even more important with people with food allergies. Children should stay at home and let their parents shop if its so important to protect them from junk food and advertising. Better yet ban televisions so they can’t be influenced by the advertising there.

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