Think Of The Children – Why We Need Plain Packaging For Politicians

Think Of The Children – Why We Need Plain Packaging For Politicians

Writing at the UK-based The Free Society, Brian Monteith has a suggestion worth serious consideration:

The time is now. We cannot wait any longer. We must act immediately if we are to save the lives of countless children.

We must introduce plain packaging of politicians.

We know the odds are against us. They have all the resources of the state at their disposal. Their own payroll vote is massive.

The legions of the NHS are larger than the armed forces – while the massed ranks of faceless bureaucrats, tax collectors, inspectors and the ever-growing parasitical quangograts – cover every nook and cranny of the British Isles.

They even finance friendly, well-meaning charities to campaign – like Q-Ships – on their behalf.

So pernicious is their reach and so beguiling are their their disguises that there is no hiding place from politicians and their malevolent influence.

Then there’s the Judas’s and Quislings who populate the media – the commentators defending politicians’ well-intended but unnecessary interventions, egging them on with more rapacious regulations and supporting the web of laws that politicians spin.

While they punch-out their diatribes and politicians spout their inanities our children are threatened by the unrestrained behaviour of Big Politics – and we just sit back and do nothing.

Every year some 772,000 children become eligible to vote and in the last election 44% did so – that’s 340,000 kids who risk becoming addicted to the brands of Big Politics.

All through their lives they will be offered bribes, incentives, free benefits for this and give-away promotions for that – some of it is lies and many of the promises will be broken, but for those that are kept we all will pay a heavy price later. Just one vote is enough. There is no safe level of voting.

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One thought on “Think Of The Children – Why We Need Plain Packaging For Politicians

  1. noel taylor

    This is bloody great, Maybe you are urinating into the wind, but we are going

    to get wet any way.

    There is non more needy than the greedy

    The last election proved that we don’t need the press to get a message out

    my labour rep only answered the questions on subjects that don’t question his honesty

    Why are we paying rudd and Julia $500,000 per year for life, when they tell us we have to lift the old age pension because of ” an aging population and the country can not afford it ”

    Good luck – noel

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