What is illicit tobacco?

What is illicit tobacco?


Idk but there is this many of it:

That's a lot of illicit tobacco

Okay. So. Today’s KPMG report identifies these types of illicit tobacco…

Counterfeit cigarettes: fake versions of real brands.

hehehe Malbord

Unbranded loose tobacco: it’s unbranded loose leaf tobacco that is not in
cigarette form.

It's pretty straightforward

Non-domestic cigarettes (legal): importing or bringing in foreign cigarettes duty-free when you come back from not-Australia (which is legal if there’s less than fifty cigarettes, or if there’s more and you pay tax on them).

Now with extra civilian murder!

You can tell they’re not Australian if they glorify dictators instead of health

Contraband, aka non-domestic cigarettes (illegal): stuff you’re not allowed to sell because it comes from another country and hasn’t had the relevant taxes

But it's so pretty :(

Why aren't cigarettes allowed to taste like fruit?


Making everything ugly is *so* rude

What is wrong with these people. I give up.

but also “Illicit whites” – a kind of contraband made up of tobacco brands sold in markets where they are not legally registered for sale.

It's a conspiracy (no really)

There are lots of brands that have no apparent legal markets. Have you seen this brand?

Well? Have you seen it?

Manchester cigarettes have no apparent legal market!

They see me rollin'

They’re made in Dubai – but you can’t sell them there either.

They really, really dgaf

This black-market-only brand is so popular it’s actually counterfeited in China!

Those communists sure love unrestricted trade hey wait a minute..

They’re such a popular brand that if Manchester’s were legal in Australia they would have 1.3% market share.

omg no wai

That is so much illicit tobacco that if you factor it in to consumption, Australian tobacco consumption actually increased over the last year by 0.4%!

come on guys, incentives incentives incentives

So much illicit tobacco that if it was sold under Australian regulations, the
government would have reaped a sweet, sweet billion dollars AU in tobacco excise.

oh yeah those guys are super interested in that hey

No wonder everyone’s buying so much of it!

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  1. […] cost less than $10, which is at least $5 cheaper than most legally-purchased tobacco – is already growing and thriving. Wanna bet this is a great handout to the guys on top of tobacco smuggling […]

  2. Jo

    If you can legally buy tobacco products why can’t we grow our own tobacco for personal use?

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    where can i buy Manchester lol told you so nobody listens, put prices down here and gov wins again.

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