Coming Soon: Warning Labels For Alcohol and Sugar!


Remember how nanny state advocates promised black and blue that restrictions on tobacco were unique and would never be followed in other industries? That the slippery slope was a lie?

Well, this week we saw the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse propose graphic warning labels on alcohol while in New Zealand, taxpayer funded activists from Otago University have argued that “tobacco-like warning labels on sugary drinks are needed to curb children’s habit of drinking them while playing and watching sport.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise to our members, so many times has the nanny statists mark slipped and they’ve been caught out lobbying for “food to be regulated as tobacco” or even arguing for food rationing! And we all know that plans for plain packaging for food and alcohol are next.

And as a reminder to our supporters in Sydney, join us for a great event on the 26th of August and help fight back against this madness.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Warning Labels For Alcohol and Sugar!

  1. mad-aussie

    Who want’s to go out for a nice meal with the Family, order a bottle of wine only to have pictures of a diseased liver putting you off your food. This is Madness and I think the Whole Alcohol industry needs to stand up to the government and simply say NO we will not bend to your Rules.People Power is whats needed.

  2. David

    The idea of warning labels on alcohol could be put to the vote of the people. I for one would vote YES, having seen the terrible horror alcohol can inflict on people who suffer from the addiction to it, to families ruined. One might also add kids hit by drunk drivers. Once we have had the vote people will have to live with the results.

    Whilst tobacco is not as bad as alcohol, I believe the vast majority of people would support the restrictions on it if asked to vote. Sad as I like a cigar or pipe.

    Having a civilisation means one looses some freedoms, as it should be, or we would live in lawlessness. It is about getting a balance.

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