Ireland: Graphic Health Warnings & Plain Packaging for Alcohol?


The slippery slope of the nanny state continues apace the Irish Government looks at bringing in graphic health warnings for alcohol:

“Alcohol labelling should be treated in a similar fashion to tobacco legislation, to include the following:
  • Clear health warnings to be included on alcohol products, indicating that alcohol causes disease;
  • the Minister should also consider ensuring that warnings be given prominence with an emphasis on visual, graphic designs for maximum effect;
  • labelling should be standardised, taking into account best practice on design guidelines;
  • labelling should include sufficient information on alcohol content in grams, standard drink size, and relate this to recommended maximum weekly consumption;
  • a complementary public awareness campaign should be run to clearly explain labelling to the public.”


Note that “labelling should be standardised” is code for plain packaging, and it would seem that the slippery slope is even slipperier than we first thought

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