The idiots have won

The idiots have won

Christopher Snowdon has just written a must-read piece saying it might just be time to “Build a spaceship folks. The idiots have won“.

He makes a compelling case:

In New Zealand, anti-nanny state campaigners are being investigated for “illegally advertising cigarettes under the guise of a “public awareness campaign”.

Here’s an example of the potentially-illegal advertisement:

Another example: the WHO is urging countries to crack down on the use of electronic smoking cessation devices because they look like cigarettes and “could therefore undermine the denormalization of tobacco use upheld by the WHO FCTC”.

And one more: Australia’s own multimillion-dollar taxpayer funded psuedo-academic Simon Chapman is complaining that “cigarette companies are breaching plain packaging rules because companies are stamping a few letters of recognition on cigarettes: Benson & Hedges cigarettes are labelled with “LDN”; in another case Winfield cigarettes are stamped with “AUS”.”

On this last point Mr Snowdon says that:

I would like to comment on this, I really would, but the nutters have finally gone beyond the point at which I can even understand their arguments. My nearest guess would be that they think people will be ‘lured’ into taking up the smoking habit by seeing the letters ‘LDN’ on a cigarette. That is so stark-staringly, fetch-the-tranquiliser-gun insane that I can only assume that there is another layer of wibble that I’ve missed. On the other hand, we’re dealing with people who think a BAT anti-plain packs campaign is a form of cigarette marketing so all bets are off.

Truly, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. 

Click here to read the whole thing. And be very depressed.

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One thought on “The idiots have won

  1. Jill Clayton

    The frustrating aspect of overregulation is what are we able to do about it.

    Test new regulations against the Constitution. Andrew Forrest is doing this with the mining super profits tax. States are responsible for mining and natural resources. However, the vagaries of the High Court mean nothing is clear cut. States are responsible for education, local environment and tourism. Yet the Commonwealth seems to intrude more and more. Perhaps it is time to reaffirm where responsibilities lie.

    Assume that a union mentality operates in the Labor Party whereby the union (now the Government) takes care of members perceived to be in need. Hence attempts to shield us from the drink, cigs, fast food, sitting down and so on. More needs to be made of examples of people who manage their own lives successfully and the skills and techniques they use to do this.

    Tell the truth and remove the spin (lies). One suspects that a lot of over regulation is based on dubious research. I once fantasised that some one like Dick Smith might fund a Fact Sheet that could be distributed at railway stations or libraries (a bit like the old underground press) telling the facts. Helping the public to become more critical and skeptical.

    Your site is a good idea. However, I think we are aware of over regulation and it will take much more than a mail to your local member. Mine is Stephen Smith and I have never seen him in this electorate nor has he ever stood up for Western Australia.

    Perhaps we need the help of a well know Australian who will take leadership on this very important issue.

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