Labor gov running out of ways to punish smokers

Labor gov running out of ways to punish smokers

Siobhan Harris writes:

Many youths have been bemoaning Rudd’s recently announced incremental tax grabs rises. Many cigarettes will cost almost a dollar each, which is sure to hit Gen Y’s particularly hard. Or so I thought. As we are often reminded, when one door closes, another door opens.

This open door comes in the form of lucrative employment, the potential for social mobility and a community support network. It will bring all of us closer together.

Yes, I’m talking about black market tobacco, obviously.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not very sophisticated hurling a big bag of chop chop around with you, but that’s why you buy a pretty pouch to decorate your illicit goods. (Below is a link to help you, or if you’re creative, why not make your very own DIY creation?)

This whole time we thought that Kevin Rudd was taking a regressive tax stance on smokers, but really he was just trying to spark a little entrepreneurialism in the hearts and minds of our youth. Truly inspiring stuff. 

But if getting your legs cut off by your dealer isn’t for you, might I suggest instead taking this to your MP. We need to tell Parliament that smokers shouldn’t be the first to suffer every time we get a government that can’t manage their budget. We need to tell MPs that tax grabs masked as health initiatives will not be tolerated.

If you’re serious about starting a meaningful campaign, please contact me by email and together we will ensure that the rights of smokers aren’t completely desolated by this greedy and hopeless Labor government. All ideas will be greatly appreciated, unless you’re considering a flash mob, in which case, I don’t want you in my campaign.

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Some nice leather Ebay tobacco pouches:

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