Rudd’s Tobacco Tax Slug: The Facts

Rudd’s Tobacco Tax Slug: The Facts

Here are the facts on Kevin Rudd’s desperate attempt to gouge smokers to cover up his budget black hole:

FACT: The tobacco tax is one of the most regressive taxes in Australia, hitting already struggling poorest Australians hardest.

FACT: It won’t raise any revenue. This is the mining tax fiasco all over again.

FACT: Kevin Rudd promised his 2010 tobacco tax would raise an extra $5 billion. In reality, tobacco excise revenue fell

FACT: Deloitte found that the 2010 tobacco tax hike caused the illegal tobacco trade to jump 29%, costing the government $1.1 billion in foregone tobacco excise tax revenue.

FACT: Even the Government’s own implementation report on the 2010 excise tax increase admitted they have no idea if it raised a single cent

FACT: Kevin Rudd’s claim that smokers costs $35 billion is based on a lie

FACT: Smokers pay MUCH MORE than their fair share of tax

FACT: This is bad policy that will hurt struggling Australians, won’t raise a cent, and must be opposed

Click HERE to tell your MP to oppose this tax hike!!!

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6 thoughts on “Rudd’s Tobacco Tax Slug: The Facts

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  2. Diane Dunlop

    Smokers who come to our country as tourists are gob-smacked at the price. I recently had my brother visit from South Africa and the average cost of a pack – using his rate of exchange was $74! Needless to say his spending money did not go very far. I would say valuable tourist dollars are being eaten up by this short-sighted grab at one section of the community.

  3. The robber politicians are at it again. Extortionate taxes on tobacco have been the norm for decades. The increases in already extortionate taxes under this Labor government have been savage. Further, growing tobacco plants for personal use is illegal in Australia. If you want to use tobacco, you have to allow yourself to be fleeced by government. It’s a variant of the extortion of King James I hundreds of years ago.

    Recently, the robber politicians legislated two automatic price rises in tobacco aligned to the CPI. This would save them the embarrassment of coming before the public each time in their extortionate ventures. But even this wasn’t enough for the thieves. From next year the rises will be linked to increases in average male earnings, which have been greater than the inflation rate.

    Worse still is that smokers have to endure the standard “health spin” as they are being robbed. But this latest mega-robbery dreamed up by the Labor miscreants is extraordinarily perverse. With Rudd, the spin is further spun. That mystical, statistical tobacco “death toll” which is a nice round TOTAL of 15,000 per year suddenly becomes 15,000 for just “smoking-related” cancer. In a recent government report, the “additional health care cost” for “smoking-related” disease was estimated at around 300 million dollars (even this figure is arguable). To justify the billions extorted from smokers, the government concocted numerous “other” costs from smoking totaling $32b. But in Rudd’s hands, the concocted $32b becomes the figure just for “additional health care costs”. The magnitude of the lying spins the head.

    Government benefits from the robbery. Antismoking groups then want their “cut” so that they can remain in comfortable employment and further “educate” the public with inflammatory propaganda. And pharmaceutical companies, that also finance antismoking, benefit in that they align the cost of their next-to-useless “nicotine replacement” products to the cost of tobacco; extortionate taxes also bring a clientele for their useless products. All those that create the statistical spin benefit financially while smokers are fleeced. Part of the fleecing goes to pay for antismoking campaigns, i.e., smokers are forced to pay for their own “denormalization/dehumanization”. It’s just – only – a regular money grab. Failed policies? Financial black holes? No problem. Let’s just go rob the smokers some more. This conduct could well be described as a racket that doesn’t let up.

    At some point something’s got to give.

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