Stop Rudd's Tobacco Tax Hike


Join us and help stop Kevin Rudd slugging smokers with another tax hike!

Under Kevin’s Plan, smokers will be charged an extra $5 a pack to help save him from his budget black hole.

The fact is though – this will NOT raise more money. It will NOT help balance the budget. All this regressive tax will do is hurt already-struggling families, and help criminal tobacco smuggling syndicates

Click HERE to get the facts and fill out our form below to tell your Member of Parliament: NO!


image credit: Valentin Ottone

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  2. peter thornton

    I cant believe this government is going tax mad again — If they are broke why dont they increase income tax so everyone shares the burden — I really am ashamed that I have voted for this party for all my life (57 yrs) — It wont ever happen again.
    I dont smoke now but I do remember the pleasure and satisfaction it gave me — you know its a personal choice and if anyone wants to smoke – thats their business. It upsets me that the dogooders can convince governments to make these decisions.
    I’m sure that smokers realise its not a health benifit to smoke and their life probably wont last as long as a non smoker but at the moment in this country everyone has the right to smoke or not. It annoys me that nonsmoking dogooders think they have a right to stop people from smoking. Somehow they believe that if the price goes up , people wont smoke — what rubbish — I believe people who are nicotine dependant will sacrifice quality of life – even food on their tables to retain their habit
    The poor old smoker has been made to feel like a lepper in our society –more and more they are forced out of public places. — For goodness sake — in Australia you cant go to a bar and have a smoke with your drink – unless you take your drink outside and stand in a compound. ( what a great country)
    Smokers have copped it tough for too long – I m not one of them but they have my support

  3. It is LEGAL to smoke. But if they want to fill the budget blowout THEY CAUSED, then hit the tobacco companies, not the average aussie. Stop your spin and lies for once, if you know how to, rudd. You’re NOT getting my vote at any cost, you goose!!

  4. Mel M

    This tax has covered their absurd social habits used under ‘government’ is enough!they get paid too much now and the smokers have to foot their clumsy spending habits??

  5. Thank you, this is very informative … what is your opinion on the australian government’s current stance against the use of nicotine in electronic cigarettes?

    1. admin_ata

      We strongly support the use of nicotine in e-cigarettes, and think the government’s position is a disgraceful violation of freedom, not to mention an incredibly stupid attack on the most effective smoking-cession device available.

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