Stop The $40 A Pack Tobacco Tax Hike!


Today’s budget revealed plans the Federal Government wants to implement FOUR MORE tax hikes on tobacco.

Our tobacco tax is already one of the highest in the world, and if this goes ahead, it will mean an average smoker will pay a staggering $7,500 in tobacco taxes a year!

This is a unjust, immoral tax grab  that will hit the poorest and most vulnerable in Australia hardest. The tobacco tax is the most regressive tax in Australia, and raising it to pay for more spending is simply wrong.

Join our campaign and tell your MP NO TOBACCO TAX HIKE!

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One thought on “Stop The $40 A Pack Tobacco Tax Hike!

  1. Damian Bonato

    This has got to be breaking our constitution for basic human rights, a minority group being targeted for doing something “legal”…..if smoking is that bad, make it illegal…..noooo way, to many tax dollars there.

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