What makes the front line back down?

What makes the front line back down?

Here’s an update to this morning’s story about an obsessive, officious licensing officer trying to pull up a publican offering free beers to firefighters(aka heroes) who saved his pub.

Catherine Hill Bay publican Dean Beevor

Since the story broke, the NSW Police Department have been trying to distance themselves from the officer in question.

A spokesperson has denied that the licensing officer was sent by superiors or issued a warning.

The hardline of the front line becomes a happy, congratulatory tale of heroes and beers all ’round. Cops Are Tops, etc etc.

Except.. they aren’t. Every day there’s a story at least this ridiculous.

Here’s one about Queensland’s continuing march towards becoming a police state. Or perhaps you remember the business owner threatened with a $5,000 fine for decorating his storefront for Australia Day?

Thoroughly Un-Australian.

Luckily, the way this story has developed has lead us to a more important scoop:

This is how to make a cop back down.

Police are the natural enemies of civil liberties, but public scrutiny is the natural enemy of bottom-dwelling soul-suckers like this license officer.

When there’s an egregious charge in the mix, bring the media and police together, and watch that powderkeg explode in cleansing, charge-dropping fire.

It could be as easy as tweeting to a reporter.

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