Govt Urged To Take Children Away From Smoker Parents

Govt Urged To Take Children Away From Smoker Parents

In perhaps the most brazen proposal by the professional nanny state lobby to date, Professor John Banzhaf, founder of the US based lobby group “Action on Smoking & Health” and one of the most influential legal activists in this field, has called for parents to be denied access to their children if they are smokers.

Addressing the North American Regional Conference of the International Society for Family Law, Banzhaf is reported as arguing:

Attendees were told how to effectively raise the issue of parental smoking in custody proceedings, and how to either prohibit smoking indoors at least 48 hours before the child arrives, or to deny Child Custody to the smoking parents. Several cases in which the children of parents who lost Child Custody because they smoked around their offspring were discussed, says Banzhaf, who was the major presenter on this controversial topic.

Banzhaf also went on to argue that doctors who fail to file complaints of suspected child abuse over parents who smoke “may be subject to both criminal and civil liability, how their licenses to practice may be challenged, and how they could even be hit with medical malpractice law suits” 

(h/t American Liberty PAC)

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