The People’s Republic of WA

The People’s Republic of WA
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Jack Morrison is a Post Graduate student at Macquarie University where he is studying his Master’s of Politics and Public Policy, he is currently on the executive of Liberty Macquarie

From the State that brought you the Potato Marketing Corporation to control the types and quantities of potatoes produced comes the latest attempt to turn Western Australia into a Venezuelan themed paradise.

The Director of Liquor Licensing has released its decisionregarding Aldi’s application to sell liquor in their Harrisdale Shopping Centre store. This decision comes on the heels of the approval given to the Woolworths owned BWS to open a store at the same shopping centre.

The decision noted that it was neither “necessary nor desirable” to have more than one liquor store operating in the one shopping centre. The decision also explained that Aldi’s lower prices for alcohol in comparison to competitors such as BWS “poses a greater risk from a broad public health perspective” than what BWS would offer.

This latest decision from the nanny state bureaucracy flies in the face of true liberal values and should be soundly rejected by all supporters of free choice, competition and free markets. Aldi have appealed the decision and I for one hope it is reversed.

If the decision stands, we may well soon see ourselves with the one brand of State Beer, the one brand of State Wine available at the one price in the one location. Who knows, we may even be lucky enough to line up for hours for it.

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