Who we are

Lara Jeffery: Director


Lara Jeffery is a Sydney-based policy advocate. She has worked in journalism, media relations, and activism both at home and in the United States, with organisations including Americans for Tax Reform, Young Americans for Liberty, and serving on the executive board of Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty. Lara has a Bachelor of Media from the University of New South Wales.



Dr. Michael Keane: Academic Advisor

Source: Herald SunDr. Michael Keane an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University, and is a lecturer in public health at Monash University. Dr. Keane has authored extensive peer-reviewed pieces on the ethical implications of public health policy, his most recent in the Medical Journal of Australia attacking lifestyles taxes, and the overall attempts by governments to regulate behaviour through the tax code.

MyChoice Australia is a project of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, dedicated to restoring individual freedom, personal responsibility, and rolling back the nanny state.