Between the Attorney General deciding to snoop on your online activities, the international health establishment pushing for the extinction of non-olive packaging, and the Premier suffering from an obvious, crippling fear of alcohol-related headlines, our rights at play have never been under greater threat in our lifetimes.In the face of the unrelenting march of the nanny state, please join MyChoice Australia in defending the voluntary exchange of goods and services for the purpose of amusement that forms the heart of a community.

We’re lucky to welcome the following special guests and compatriots in the fight against prohibition;
– Cassandra Wilkinson, former ALP advisor, FBi cofounder, and Centre for Independent Studies’ outreach manager,
– Dr Julie Novak, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Public Affairs and unrivalled expert in lifestyle taxation
– Christopher Snowdon is joining us from the Institute of Economic Affairs in the United Kingdom, where he is Director of Lifestyle Economics. Christopher is an international expert in all things nanny state, and a prolific author of works including The Art of Suppression, The Spirit Level Delusion and Velvet Glove; Iron Fist. His work focuses on pleasure, prohibition and dodgy statistics.

WHERE: GT’s Hotel, 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney
WHEN: 6:30pm, 26th of August
COST: $10

RSVP: by Sunday, 24 August.Join us for a drink and a chat as we take the advice of the Beastie Boys to heart and fight for our right to party!